DD Pad is a single-use, anatomical bra liner for absorption of perspiration around the breast area

The DD Pad is a revolutionary, disposable, soft, feminine breast liner, designed to provide large breasted women a solution to the problem of excessive moisture caused by sweat and perspiration which often accumulates around the breast area.

Smaller breasted women who suffer from ‘breast sweat’ can also enjoy the benefits of the DD Pad. No matter what the fit or type of your bra, the DD Pad is designed to anatomically fit it.

The DD Pad is worldwide patent protected and trademark registered.

The problem

We sweat, and in some unexposed areas in the body we sweat even more. If there is no aeration, sweat builds up and becomes an irritation.

Skin-on-skin chafing and moisture is a real problem for women with larger breasts, causing itchy and uncomfortable rashes, irritation and unpleasant odors.
If the condition worsens, as in most cases, medicinal attention may be required.

The DD Pad creates a buffer between the layers of skin, in the hidden folds, and ensures they stay separate, dry and ventilated by absorbing the sweat and moisture, leaving you dry and worry-free!

How does the DD Pad work?

The story behind the DD Pad

Hi, I’m Donna, 43 years old, married and a full-time mom to three amazing children and a dog.

I have large breasts and they haven’t always been a source of joy for me. Their size and weight have caused me discomfort and anguish especially from the sweat-factory caused by ‘my girls’.

For years I’ve had no control over the problem – nothing I did helped. I stuffed toilet paper under my breasts, took more showers and changed my bra and shirt often. But this was not a solution.

My frustration grew after giving birth to my third child. My level of suffering was beyond what I had previously experienced. Perhaps it was my age or the extra weight I had gained? Whatever it was, I couldn’t find a proper solution. I had to deal with discomfort, itchy and sweaty breasts on a daily basis. I was embarrassed and emotionally exhausted.

I knew that I was not alone. Women confided in me and I realized they had been suffering just like me.

As a healthcare product developer, I often wondered why there was no solution. I thought seriously about the problem and the ultimate solution… While my list of requirements grew, I realized that with my professional background and resources, I could provide a solution.

After four years of research and development the DD Pad was born. Now there is a solution for all of us who suffer from excess moisture and perspiration in the breast area. You can’t make the breast sweat go away but you can definitely deal with it. With the DD Pad® you’ll experience peace of mind and be free to do the things you love without discomfort.

Our doctor’s medical explanation

Sweating and perspiration in the breast area is a common phenomenon among women. Women with large breasts tend to suffer more. Women complain about excess sweating and rashes which develop in the breast area, accompanied by unpleasant odor.

The breast area is an anatomical unit, comprising of two breasts, and three weak spots: 1. Between the right breast and the right side of the ribcage, 2: Between the left breast and the left side of the ribcage and 3: And the area between the two breasts (the cleavage).

The space between these three areas or weak spots can be wide (on small breasted women – up to a D cup) or narrow (on large breasted women with D+ cup size). The bigger the breast the tighter these areas are, resulting in more skin-on-skin contact.

The result is a reduction of ventilation and increase moisture due to perspiration. In the medical profession this is called Intertrigo or skin chafing. With this, women experience a growing feeling of discomfort and irritation

It is recommended to take preventative measures in the early stages to avoid a severe case of Intertrigo.

The DD Pad® meets the need for absorbing moisture and improving aeration of the entire breast area including the area between the two breasts. Furthermore, the DD Pad was designed to reach all the hidden folds of the breast- and ribcage-skin. This way, the entire breast area and surrounding skin is aerated and moisture free.

– Dr. Y.G

Women share

After my meeting, I realized how lucky I was to have been wearing the DD Pad®. It was insanely hot and for the first time, my boob-sweat didn’t bother me and you couldn’t see a thing!” -Shirley

At first, I had doubts, I was worried people could see something different, but at the end of my workout, I was perfectly dry. I had forgotten the DD Pad® was in my bra.” – Mandy

I finally found a product that fits me perfectly! After running around doing my family’s chores and errands, I always felt I had a private-pool around my boobs. From the moment I start using the DD Pad® – the pool dried up. I am less sticky and stinky! Now I have complete peace-of-mind.” – Karen

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