1. Is the DD Pad comfortable to wear?

2 .Will the DD Pad fit in my size?

3. Can it be used with any bra?

4 . How often do I need to change the liner?

5. Is the liner scented?

6. Why can’t I use a breast-feeding pad to do the same job?

1. Yes, very! The DD Pad is comfortable, light and easy to wear. The instructions for use are simple, easy to follow and understand.

2. Yes! The DD Pad provides an answer for mostly all bra sizes with a D & D+ cup. However, it can also be worn with other bra sizes as well.

3. Yes, the DD Pad was designed to be independent of the style of bra. For that reason, it fits most bras.

4. We recommend that the liner be changed daily. The frequency though is entirely up to you.

5 . No! The DD Pad is unscented.

6. Breast-feeding pads are too thick and will not address all anatomical sweating areas.

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